Ans: Well, it would never be recommended to take over any kind of homemade remedial measure to clean the carpets as they are both delicate and expensive to cleanliness procedures. While on the other hand, professional cleaning experiences for the carpets have no substitute.

Ans: The probable duration which can be taken up to clean a particular carpet entirely depends upon the condition of the carpet and the process which is being employed to clean it at any certain point of time. On average, the probable duration ranges from 1-2 hours.

Ans: Yes, Indeed the carpet protectant service is also being provided as an important part of carpet cleaning service. This takes into account the dust protectant, spill protectant, and even the mite’s protectant service into account.

Ans: Any concerning damage to the carpets can certainly occur when poor quality products are being used to clean the carpets and this surely can hurt the carpet with variable means.

Ans; The hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning is the most preferred by the professional cleaners as it is taken into account the best version of clean carpets to clarify the carpets with the best outcome and results.

Ans: We are always there to serve you at your best considerations, you can reach out to us anytime as per your convenience and we shall amaze you with our specialized carpet cleaning services.